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Collective NounNotesReferences
abandonment of orphans
absence of waiters
admonitio of Prophesiesfrom the Latin for warningadmonitio
adornment of men
after party of sunglassesmay be hangover
ambulation of golfers
ambush of tigers
angst of teenagers
annoyance of E-Mails
apology of bankershmmm yes investment bankers
argument of economists
army of ants
army of caterpillars
army of frogsDetroit Zoo
army of soldiers
array of eels
array of hedgehogs
array of numbers
arrogance of MPsseems like it
ascension of larks
attitude of teenagers
aurora of polar
austentation of peacocks
avenue of explorers
awfulot of ocelots:)
babble of barbers
badling of ducksTime Magazine
bag of spanners
bale of turtles
band of coyotes
band of gorillas
band of men
band of pirates
banditry of titsas in birds
bank of elevators
barful of detectorists
barn of animals
barrel of monkeys
barren of mules
bask of crocodiles
battery of barracudas
battle of willsyes that works
bazaar of guillemots
bed of clams
bed of oysters
bed of roses
bench of magistrates
bevy of beauties
bevy of larks
bevy of quails
bevy of roe deer
bevy of swans
bew of partridges
bike of bees
billing of consultants
birdsong of tweetsor just song
blank of crossword puzzlers
blessing of unicorns
bloat of Hippopotamuseshippopotami hippos
block of Flats
bloodstock of thoroughbred horses
blush of boys
board of directors
body of coroners
body of pathologists
bonus of bankersironic
boogle of weasels
book of matches
bouquet of flowers
bouquet of pheasants
box of chocolates"Forrest Gump" movie
box of frogs
box of tricksyes, though that could be literally aswell
brace of sheiks
brace of ducksactually 2 ducks
brace of pheasantsactually 2 pheasants
briefcase of guns
brood of chickens
brood of chicks
brood of grouseof one family
brood of hens
bubble of scuba divers
budgie of smugglers
buffoonery of orangutansMindprod
building of rooks
bumcrack of builders
bunch of grapes
bunch of flowers
bunch of grapes
bunch of lies
bunch of widgeon
bundle of faggots
bundle of hay
bundle of notes
bunting of flags
bunting of flags
bushel of corn
bushel of crabs
business of ferrets
byte of bits
cackle of hyenas
cacophony of hadadas
cacophony of kids:)
canteen of cutlerygood one - added
caravan of camels
cast of hawks
catalogue of librarians
catchword of crossword solvers
cathedral of larksbirds
cete of badgers
chain of bobolinks
chain of events
chain of islands
chain of mountainsFathima Sakeena
chaos of children
charlotte of web pagesnice
charm of finches
charm of goldfinches
charm of hummingbirds
chatter of budgerigars
chattering of choughs
Chest of Drawers
chest of beautiesBob
chime of wrens
choir of hummingbirdsRebecca's Blog
choir of singers
chore of churchwardensfrom a rev so must be true
circus of puffins
clash of bucks
class of pupils
class of students
clatter of cutleryJim
clattering of choughs
claw of panthers
clique of girls
cloud of gnats
cloud of grasshoppers
cloud of sea fowl
clous of bats
clowder of catsAskOxford
cluster of bees
cluster of computers
cluster of stars
clutch of cars
clutch of eggs
clutch of eggs
clutch of misers
clutter of spiders
coalition of cheetahs
collection of stamps
collective of nouns
colony of ants
colony of bats
colony of beavers
colony of frogs
colony of gulls
colony of penguins
colony of rats
column of numbers
comfort of cats
committee of organizersok
commotion of grandchildren
company of owls
Complaint of Wivesor a nag of wives?
Complication of Diabetics
compromise of union repsunlikely !
concentration of kingfishers
confrontation of pacifistsmay be a deference or an ocean of pacifists
confusion of weasels
congregation of crocodiles
congregation of eagles
congregation of plovers
congress of baboons
consolidation of accountantsor sum accountants
conspiracy of ravens
constellation of stars
convention of fogeys
convocation of eagles
convocation of eagles
convulsion of bird-watchers
copse of park rangersThe Thin Green Line: A Copse of Park Rangers
corps of giraffes
coven of vampires
coven of witchesof course
cover of coots
covey of grouse
covey of partridges
covey of quail
cowardice of curs
crash of applicationsor a crash of apps
crash of debtsG K Chesterton, Father Brown Mysteries, "Secret garden "
crash of elephants
crash of rhinos
crash of software
crawl of tortoises
creep of tortoisesa bit of a creepy one, probably undeserved, anything brighter?Wikipaedia
crew of sailors
crocodile of childrenCambridge Dictionaries Online
crown of kingfishers
crunch of cockroachesyuk
cry of hounds
cuddle of aunts
culture of bacteria
curiosity of mongoosesi like that one
darkening of jackdaws
dazzle of zebrasounds good
dazzle of zebras
deceit of lapwings
descent of woodpeckers
development of film processors
diligence of messengers
display of dolphins
dissimulation of birds
doading of sheldrakes
dopping of sheldrakes
down of hares
dray of squirrelsThis is a nest of squirrels.
dread of terns
drift of bees
drift of ideas
drift of ideas
drift of swans
drove of asses
drove of oxen
drum of goldfinches
dule of doves
earth of foxes
elevation of hammocks
embarrassment of chavs
erst of bees
exaggeration of estate agentsAndrew Davis (ex est ag)
exaltation of angels
exaltation of larks
expectation of midwives
fall of woodcocks
falling of dominoes
family of beavers
fanfare of strumpetsprostitutes - but is strumpet plural anyway eg lots of crumpet
farrowing of piglets
fesnyng of ferretsunusual
fever of stingrays
field of racehorseshmm doesn't sound right
fistful of dollars
flamboyance of flamingoes
flange of baboonsNot the Nine O'Clock News
fleet of cars
fleet of printers
fleet of ships
flight of birds
flight of birds
flight of cormorants
flight of goshawks
flight of swallows
fling of dunlins
flink of cows12 cows
float of crocodiles
flock of parrots
flock of sheep
flock of swifts
flotilla of bluebottlesbit like fluther
flotilla of boatsgoogle def
flourish of trumpetsThomas Moore, poem
flush of mallardson land
fluther of bluebottlesapparently
fluther of jellyfish
flutter of butterflies
fortress of molesWeird World of Adam
fraid of ghosts
Fuss of Grandmothers
gaggle of geeseon the water or land
gaggle of womenyes
gam of whales
game of swans
gang of labourers
gang of elkused in United States
gang of thieves
gathering of
giggle of schoolgirls
glister of goldfinches
glut of beer drinkersor a gut
gobshite of australiansnaughty
grind of bottle nose whales
grist of bees
groan of teachers
gulp of cormorants
gust of enthusiasts
hamper of snags
hand of bananas
hedge of bushesand a pain of hedges when you have to trim them
helping of maids
herd of pigs
herd of antelopes
herd of asses
herd of bison
herd of caribou
herd of cows
herd of cows
herd of curlew
herd of deer
herd of donkeys
herd of elephantsOops yes
herd of elk
herd of giraffes
herd of goats
herd of horses
herd of touristsMerriam Webster
herd of wrens
hill of ruffs
hive of bees
horde of crows
host of sparrows
host of sparrows
hover of crows
huddle of bricklayers
huddle of
hunch of detectiveshmm ok or an investigation
husk of hares
illusion of magiciansor a sleight
implausability of gnus
implausibility of wildebeestapparently so
implausibilty of gnu
index of librarianshmm maybe, a section of librarians, or a hush of librarians?
Insanity of Psychiatrists
intrigue of kittens
intrusion of cockroaches
journey of giraffes
joy of childrenalso a scourge of children.
kaleidoscope of butterflies
kennel of dogs
kettle of fish
kettle of hawks
kettle of vultureswhen circling in the air
kindle of kittens
kine of cows
kit of pigeonsin flight
knab of toads
knit of paper clips
knot of hawks
labour of moles
lamentation of swansfrom a Morse episode
league of nations
leap of leopards
leash of greyhounds
leash of gulls
leash of merlins
library of books
list of hulks
litter of cubs
litter of kittens
litter of puppies
load of old cobblers
loveliness of ladybirds
magnificence of mayorsor maybe a chain of mayors
match of nightingales
measure of surveyors
melt of snowmencool :)
menagerie of animals
mischief of kittens
mischief of
moan of zombiesor a groan or a shuffle of zombies maybe
mob of cattleused in United States
mob of emus
mob of kangaroos
mob of sheepused in Australia
muff of lesbianslesbians
multipack of penguinsyes as in biscuits ; ) Ho ho
murder of crows
murmuration of starlings
muster of peacocks
muster of storks
mustering of storks
mutation of thrushes
mute of hares
necklace of pearls
nest of bees
nest of rabbits
nest of vipers
net of footballs
never-thriving of jugglersOxford English Dictionary
nide of geese
nide of pheasants
nod of frogs
nuisance of snowboarderssat in the middle of a piste
number of accountantsof course
nye of pheasants
obstinacy of buffalo
orchestra of musicians
ostentation of peacocks
pace of asses
pace of donkeys
pack of flies
pack of cardsGame Day, eh?
pack of coyotes
pack of dogswild dogs
pack of grouse
pack of gulls
pack of wolves
palette of colours
pandemonium of pandasdo they ever move that fast to use that
pandemonium of parrots
parade of elephants
parcel of birds
parliament of owls
parliament of rooks
party of jays
passel of hogs
peep of chickens
peloton of cyclistsyes the main body of cyclists in a race
phase of electricians
phlegm of slugsyuk
pitying of turtledoves
plague of locusts
plump of waterfowl
pod of birdssmall flock
pod of dolphins
pod of hipposok also float
pounce of cats
predominance of possessionsbit of a mouthfulmade it up
prickle of porcupines
pride of lions
pride of peacocks
pride of sheep
puddling of mallardson water
pulchritude of peacocksthe latin for beautiful is pulchra
quarrel of sparrows
quiver of cobras
raft of auksat sea yes
raft of hipposUsed in South Africa
raft of penguinsin water
raft of puffins
raft of turkeys
rafter of turkeys
rag of colts
rake of mules
range of mountains
ranting of old gits
ream of paper
regatta of captains
rhumba of rattlesnakes
richesse of martens
ride of cyclistsp-ride may be
ring of cell phones
ring of doughnuts
rookery of penguins
round of beer drinkers
round of drinks
run of cowards
run of fish
sawt of lions
school of dolphinsnot sure about this
school of fish
school of whales
scintillation of starlingssounds good
scold of jays
scolding of nuns
scope of doctors
scourge of mosquitoesok
screech of tyres
scurry of squirrels
sedge of bitterns
sedge of cranes
sedge of herons
selection of cheesesyes works with lots of things
set of tyresor a set of tires
sheaf of wheatsheaf of wheat
shedload of garden tools
shimmer of butterflies
shimmer of hummingbirds
shiver of sharksooh yes good one
shoal of fish
shock of electriciansor a jolt
shower of meteorologistsThe Thimble
shower of meteors
shrewdness of apes
siege of cranes
siege of herons
singular of wild boar
skank of mistressesPeter Sagal
skein of geesein flight
skulk of foxes
sleuth of bears
slime of slugs
slither of snakes
sloth of bears
smack of
smarm of salesmen:)
sneak of weasels
sord of mallards
sounder of swine
sounder of warthogsgood one
sounder of wild boar
souse of lions
span of oxen
sparkle of electrical engineersspark or sprinkle
spotlight of actorsyes sort of works
spread of nymphomaniacs
spring of teal
sprint of panthers
squabble of seagulls
squabble of siblings
squadron of flying fish
squadron of ships
squadron of swans
squeal of piglets
squiggle of tadpolesyes I like this
stand of flamingoes
stare of owls
state of ants
steam of minnows
streak of tigers
stretch of giraffesI like it especially if they stretch into the distance
stride of pedestrians
string of pearls
string of ponies
string of ponies
succession of heirsNice
suit of clothes
suite of furniture
sulk of teenagers
surplice of clergy
sute of mallardson land
swarm of ants
swarm of bees
swarm of bees
swarm of flies
swarm of insects
swift of tigers
swirling of snowflakes
team of athletes
team of ducks
team of oxen
team of players
thicket of idiotsalso village which I will add
throng of touristsmay be thong : ) ?
tickle of feathers
tidings of magpies
tittering of magpies
tok of capercaillies
torus of doughnutsmay be a doh of doughnuts as well(none - invented)
tower of giraffes
train of camels
trembling of finches
tribe of goats
tribe of sparrows
trimming of finches
trip of dotterel
trip of goats
trip of wildfowl
troop of baboons
troop of dogfish
troop of monkeys
Troop of Monkeys
troop of soldiers
troubling of goldfinches
troubling of goldfish
troupe of actors
troupe of minstrels
trouser of ferrets
tuft of grass
unkindness of ravens
vein of vampiresbloody good one Jez.
venue of vultures
vice of rabbitsRob Brett
view of televisionsDerek Hindson
village of idiots
volery of birdsin a cage
volt of generatorsor vault :) ?
wad of notes
wad of notes
waddle of penguinson dry land
wake of buzzards
wake of vultures
walk of snipeor snipes not sure
watch of nightingales
wedge of geeseflying in a v shape
wedge of swansflying in a v shape
wedge of underpantsnice
whinge of headteachers
whinge of pilotsthey have nothing to whinge about
whirl of windmillscool
whirlagust of woodpeckersCalifornia Digital Newspaper
whiteness of swans
whoa of hippiesalso a stink of hippiesUncyclopedia Hippy Entry
willow of wasps
windbag of politicians
wing of pilotsNOT winge
wing of plovers
wisp of snipeor snipes not sure
wunch of bankers
yoke of oxen
zeal of zebras
zoo of animals
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